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Compiled by Lear Capital researchers, writers and executive team members … the Lear Library provides insights into the historical trends, policies, supply/demand, mining news, global events and political developments that impact the price of gold, silver, platinum and/or palladium.

By providing you with all the relevant facts and statistics about value-trending and the upside potential of owning bullion, premium coins, and/or a precious metals IRA … you’ll be better prepared to make educated decisions about your savings, your retirement, and your future.


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  • The Premium Coin Report, Volume One, explores the Morgan Silver Dollar (MS67), a cherished memento of a captivating American era. The “Morgan” is a large coin that was minted for large times and our Coin Analyzer provides insights into its historical performance. The charts enclosed explore the Morgan's Potential Return, Breakeven Value, Conversion to Silver and overall Profit Potential.
  • There are four, key wealth-building secrets held by some of the world's richest people. While the “Top 1%” of income earners represents a diverse group of business executives, entrepreneurs, old money and new money that have gotten rich by circumstance, diligence or good fortune ... they have certain consistent investing strategies that are very much worth noting.
  • The industrial demand for silver is soaring! Almost all modern electronics are configured with it. The world's appetite for silver has depleted world supplies creating an ideal investment window. Current silver prices offer a rare opportunity to act before this "poor man's metal" becomes the best kept secret of the rich.
  • There was a time when most Americans owned gold bullion. Today only about 4% of the US population holds physical, investment gold. World banks, however, have been on a gold buying run and for good reason. History reveals the timeless value of this very precious metal and why it's more important to own gold now than ever before.
  • Silver holds a unique position as both a precious and an industrial metal. With global demand rising, inventory short-falls have become commonplace. Silver is far less expensive than gold but tends to rise along with it. It has enjoyed an average growth of 20% per year over the past decade, outperforming the Dow Jones by 86%.
  • The Debt Ceiling was originally created back in 1917 to limit the powers of the Federal Reserve, but since its adoption, it has been raised about 80 times! Gold has closely followed the rise in US Debt for decades and over the past 15 years its value correlates to rising government debt at an astonishing 98%!
  • We now sit beneath the largest mound of debt in our history, and those holding American dollars are visibly worried. While still the world's Reserve Currency, the dollar is facing big global challenges as top economies are bypassing the buck for direct bilateral trading transactions. History tells us “post-reserve currency status” spells monetary crisis and catastrophe for those holding paper-backed assets!
  • There is a profit crisis occurring in the metals mining sector that will greatly impact supply, demand and future production levels. While gold and silver prices have fallen, the cost of mining both metals has steadily risen. All of this translates to less gold and less silver. With demand remaining constant—or even increasing—we are ripe for a supply crisis.

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